Paolo Fassin

Difference of dates in days, months and years; know the name of the day of the week on which you were born
Incomplete program, but with all the source code of a company accounting tool project.
Sample applications developed in HTML 5.0, CSS 3 and JavaScript ECMA 6 programming languages.
Two little worms twisting in a labyrinth must meet.
Utility for BMP file(s) transforming
Control panel of my 5 video games ( 32 bit - all inclusive)
Open, (mix,) listen and correct corrupt wav file (s); with assembly/Delphi source code
Editor to create and / or modify images and animations.
An interactive demo dedicated to the memories of our first dog.
Even without money you can have fun scratching the numbers!
F4_32 (Connect four) is an unpublished version of a famous table game.
Collection of 44 new True Color Bitmap (24 Bit), for texture mapping or tile background
Want you creating a new patch for your published game/tool ? Want you compare and copy file(s) ? This is the solution!
Easy to use, powerful and specialized movies manager application
How many keys can you press at once time ? Your keyboard run not so well ? Here the solution!
How to represent sprites, animations, rotate images and / or enlarge them? Here is the solution.
Another platform advencture of bouncing ball