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Last news:

Moreover, the OPTIONS menù has been added, which allows you to choose the LANGUAGE (Italian or English), to enable/disable SOUNDS and MUSIC, to CONTINUE the last game or to make a new one; then, there is the possibility of being included in the top 7 BEST PLAYERS BOARD, depending on the score obtained.

  1. BUG FIXED: When entering the name in the top seven best players, if the music was disabled or ended, before the name was entered, editing was interrupted.
  2. BUG FIXED: Collisions between a worm's head and food, like collisions between the two worms, were inaccurate - sometimes nothing happened.
  3. BUG FIXED: at the end of the last level the superimposed text and the music must be different.
  4. BUG FIXED: the camera, at the end of the level or game, must always frame the winner.
  5. Eliminated 1 BUG from the Italian version.
  6. Added 4th level of play.
  7. 50% off%.
  8. Added the level editor in the version for Windows 2000 - Windows XP (WORMINST.EXE).

This is a 1 or 2 player game.

The aim is to solve the maze of each level; in the case of two active players, the two worms, meeting, both pass the level following.

However, eating all the tokens in a level will open an exit in a any point of the labyrinth.

The pieces are placed each time in ever new places.

Unlike similar games, the two vermoids can get twisted without dying; moreover, they are endowed with a strong sense of orientation: if they encounter an obstacle or a wall, they go around it automatically.

Featuring a presentation, interlude and end-game demo.

Possibility to use both keyboard and mouse (left and right button).

Program supplied with 1 small level (1280x800), 1 medium level (2560x1456) and 2 large levels (5120x2768).

Author music and sound effects.


Let you use VERMOIDI /? to have more informations.


ENTER: Turn on the first camera.
ESC: Close the first camera.
ARROWS: Direction R / L / D / U Worm1.
1: Pause On / Off (Worm1). If in pause it is possible to scroll the level.
E: Unlock Error x road interrupted (Worm1).
T: Change the text display mode (Worm1).
O: Waves On / Off (Worm1).
SPACE: Turns on the second camera.
TAB: Close the second camera.
SHIFT + ARROWS, 6,4,2,8: Direction R / L / D / U Worm2.
SHIFT + 1: Pause On / Off (Worm2). If in pause it is possible to scroll the level.
SHIFT + E: Unlock error x road interrupted (Worm2).
SHIFT + T: Change the text display mode (Worm2).
SHIFT + O: Waves On / Off (Worm2).
F1, F2: Select 1 or 2 players (1 player camera change).

Remember that yours computer must have the seg. requirements:

  1. - OS: Windows XP-Windows 11.
  2. - HD: 20 MB free.
  3. - RAM: 32 MB free.
  4. - Any graphics card type.
  5. - Any monitor type.
  6. - CPU: Intel/Amd  Pentium or similar.

The 32/64 Bit version of "VERMOIDS IN LOVE 2.0", for Windows 10, has been successfully completed: beta-testing was done on 4 different types of computers, with the operating systems Windows XP, Windows 10 and Windows 11 The development of "VERMOIDS IN LOVE 2.0" has reached 100%!

Paolo Fassin (PCDear.ent.games)


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

In order to download this Vermoids you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $6 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Vermoidi 2.2+ (Win7-Win11 SETUP).exe 116 MB
Vermoidi 2.2+ (Win7-Win11 ARCHIVE).zip 119 MB
Vermoidi (Win 2000-Win XP FULL).IT.zip 296 kB

Download demo

Vermoidi 2.0 (Win 7-Win 11 DEMO).EN.zip 13 MB
Vermoidi 2.0 (Win 7-Win 11 DEMO).IT.zip 13 MB

Development log


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these graphics kinda remind me of the atari lynx.

i love the look of it, very comforting :)

It looks like an interesting concept but it's hard to tell from the screenshots as they don't show much. Considering the price tag, a short gameplay trailer or further screenshots might help in sparking interest 

Dear IFCATS, I think you are right, however the version of "VERMOIDI INNAMORATI" at 32/64 Bit for Windows 10 has been under development for about 2 months, and I have launched myself mainly on the latter, rather than dedicate myself to the properties of the web page, such as screenshots, trailers and demos, which will be available soon. The development of "VERMOIDS IN LOVE" has reached 85%.

Thanks for your interest.

Paolo Fassin


In any case, thank you dear IFCATS: I followed your advices, lowering the price and inserting more screenshots.

Now the 32/64 Bit version for Windows 10 and Windows 11 is also available! The conversion was completed successfully.

Beta-testing was successfully carried out on 4 machines: 3 laptops and a desktop computer with Windows XP, Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems.

Vermoidi innamorati 2.0

Paolo Fassin


I really appreciated the effort you've put into improving it and lowering the price. I have tried the demo and am going to buy it soon!

Thanks IFCATS. There are some people who have played this game with me and found it amusing ... However, in my opinion, I could make some additions, such as, for example, making sure that after TOT seconds each vermoid is shortened, to simulate the waste of energy: when you have reached the minimum size, you have lost; by eating you extend your "life" beyond your length. Obviously, since the food tools are placed randomly, there would be games where it is easier to finish the level, while others where it is more difficult. What do you think about it ?