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BACCI and the ducklings v.2.4:

The video game "Bacci & the Ducklings" released a few years ago on this site (32 Bit version), has a predecessor, developed by me in 2003 with the intention of publishing it in the Talent-Zone section of The Game Machine magazine; at first I was in favor, but then I got the impression that they would keep my copyrights and pay me very little, so I put it aside and, when I had time, I converted it to 32 / 64 Bit for all operating systems, from Windows 2000 to Windows 10; this is exactly what I propose to you on this page; it also includes the Config editor and AnimEdi (16 Bit) to create new levels and new graphics.

The limit is that it runs on Windows systems no higher than Windows XP.

"Bacci & the Ducklings" (16 Bit) on INTEL / AMD machines with 80x86 processors and MCGA graphics card, at least VGA, has a much higher frame / rate is smoother and flicker-free.

The extra features of the 32 Bit version are not available in this version (music, video recording, saving, high resolution graphics).

However, any VGA, VESA, XGA graphics card, as long as it supports MCGA mode, any monitor, CRT or LED or liquid crystal, is fine on this game.

To see the 32-bit new version for Windows 10 of this video-game click here

In this tiny video game, Bacci is a super-equipped hunter of the Ligurian Alps, who is in the midst of flocks of birds of various kinds. The aim of the game is to take down all the birds, without running out of ammunition. When the number of live birds is greater the number of ammunition available to BACCI, he has to go home with the pive in the bag.  Attention, however: BACCI has some rivals; that is deals with reckless and envious hunters, who, stealing the wings of Icarus, will try to steal the game from BACCI, only afterwards having reduced him to game. 

BACCI has a jacket at his disposalbulletproof, a rifle, a machine gun and a  radar. By hitting a macroscopic letter, it it will xplode, taking both to hell both birds than hunters who are close to it.

If the time available to you is exhausted, BACCI must run to his wife with great regret, who is waiting for him furiously on the door, but in this case he lost one bet with his friends; if instead he is managed to clear the sky of allbirds, she will have to cook, for a whole year, bird stew, with great pleasure of her husband, who is very greedy of it.

Have fun from the author of this  software, Paolo Fassin (seven videogame's consecutive levels).

Mouse functions:


RIGHT CLICK + movement: Fast forward / backward.

Keyboard functions:

ENTER: Shoot.

KEYPAD-2,4,6,8 (or arrow keys): Moves the viewfinder horizontally or vertically.

KEYPAD-1,3,7,9 (or END, PG_DOWN, HOME, PG_UP): Moves the viewfinder diagonally.

BACKSPACE: Fast relegation.

TAB: Change the type of radar (scanning or linear, small or large, computerized or not) or disable it.

M: Enable / disable the machine gun (use the configuration program to change the speed of the machine gun or to disable it).

T: Enable / disable text in overlay (information on game).

S: Enable / disable sounds and music

(use the configuration program for choose active sounds).

L: Enable / disable shot flashes (use the configuration program for change the color and / or speed of the flashes).

P: Enter or exit the pause mode.

SPACE: Start over.

ESC: Returns to the initial screen and, from there, to the operating system.

Screen Description:

No. top left of the radar: remaining time.

Segmented bar to the right of the remaining time: health of BACCI.

Image of a flash to the right of the health: flashes of opponents' shots enabled.

Image of a note to the right of the flash: sound effects enabled.

Image of a machine gun to the right of the note: machine gun enabled.

No. bottom left of radar: number of live birds / number of live opponents.

Bottom right of radar: aim from 0.0% to 100.0%.

SCORE: Score of the match.

AMMUNITION: Bullets available to Bacci.

Game preferences programming:

As has been said, this game is small; to make it more interesting it wasadded the configuration program CONFIG.EXE.

 It allows you to customize "BACCI & theducklings ", changing the weapons available, the radar, the sounds and all images / animations of the game, choosing them among a decent range of variants. Finally, with CONFIG.EXE, it is possible to create new episodes up to a maximum even number to 100 (this option is quite complex and it is recommended to see the documentation following before creating a new episode).

Since not all images / animations are  suitable for a specific purpose, "BACCI & the ducklings "may not work; in this case, exit the game and select the item "standard reset" from the menumain CONFIG.EXE (in this version  every risky operation is undertaken after consulting the user, thatwill be able to confirm or cancel it; moreover i installed data are now more protecteds).

Then save the changes with F10.

NOTE: If you want to delete all scoresfrom the special scoreboard that appears before playing with BACCI.EXE, use the item STANDARD RESET of the program CONFIG.EXE.

Notes on programming a new one episode (CONFIG.EXE):

Once the CONFIG program has started, choose the LOAD CONFIGURATION item and selectthe desired level (BACCILxx.CFG, where xx is the level number); after that it will be  You can change the configuration of a level, customizing it with new data (new level).

Then choose the item SAVE CONFIGURATION and use a new number xx for the new level BACCILxx.CFG; the new level saved in this way will be executed in order specified by xx.

Paolo Fassin (PCDear.ent.games)


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