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All graphic designers, amateur or professional, of the evolution of the personal computer, when the graphics were mainly 2D, will remember the tool for creating / retouching bitmap images and / or movies called "Animator", from the Autodesk company which then developed the 3D Studio.

I'm not a very good graphic designer, but, when I have to animate sprites, or generate cartoon-style presentation movies, I need a similar product, which as far as I know, having been developed for VESA-VGA graphics cards and 16-bit CPUs (80386+ real-mode), it does not work on modern computers.

Even today, for data management, it is possible to use retro-style tools, recently published, with a simplified appearance and convenient functions; often with greater ease of use. In work offices, post offices and other situations, the human-machine interface involves greater use of the keyboard and a textual display of the available functions, rather than through icons or buttons that cannot be memorized. From this concept was born this interface that allows to create / edit / save / open images / animations / character sets and color palettes.

ANIM32 V.1.24:

Anim32 is a 32 Bit application: it works on any graphics card and Windows operating system, from Windows 2000 to Windows 11; it requires at least 32 MB of free RAM and uses a hard disk swap-file of max 4 GB.

The development of the final product is completed (100%); now Anim32 allows you to create and modify images and movies, load/save images, movie, palette and characters font in OBP/DAC and CHS native file formatsload/save images in JPGJPEGJPEJFIF and BMP standard file formats, load/save (animated) pictures in GIF standard file formatload/save movies files in AVI uncompressed file format.

In this first official release all the graphics functions BOX, ELLIPSE, POLY, PSET, FILL, EDGE, TEXT, MOVE and PASTE are now completed and work correctly with each of the properties MOB, SOLID, COPYT, MODE, R90, MRX, MRY, MASK, SOFT, LIGHT, GRAD, TILE, DITH and BRUSH.

All CUT, COPY, PICK and ZOOM commands are now functional and successfully tested. The command PLAY, PREV, FIRST/LAST, NEXT, INS, CLR and DEL frames are now functional and successfully tested.

The new DESKTOP graphic resolution (SCREEN menu) is available, which allows you to use the maximum definition of your flat screen.

The menu for the management of computer resources is now complete (FILES button); any mass storage unit connected to the computer, such as HDD, CD-ROM drive and USB pen-drive, can be accessed trought the DRIVE button.

Only files in supported formats can be viewed or all files, including hidden ones, read-only and / or system (ALL button):

  1. You can always view hidden and system folders.
  2. You can remove a file or folder and all its contents, with your consent (DEL button).
  3. You can create a sub-folder or a completely new path (MKDIR button).
  4. You can rename a file or folder (REN button).
  5. The change of the current folder occurs by double clicking with the mouse, but pressing F1 key it is possible to access to any disk-drive and / or relative/absolute path specified by the user through the keyboard.

New writing styles are also available, which can be loaded through the FONT menu.

The complete ANIM32 English manual, which is compatible with ANIMEDI, is now avalaible in the "Anim32 V.1.24 (Windows 10).exe" setup file and in the "Anim32 V.1.24 (Windows 10).zip" archive file.

renewed the certificate of "S.I.A.E." for 5 years (see preview of the new certificate), both for the latest version of AnimEdi (16 Bit) and for Anim32 (32 Bit).

In addition there is the Assemby programming language's function named ZoomInImageRect (), of which you can download the test program with a brief documentation:

Zoom_Tst (archive file).zip

Instructions for ANIM32:

Execute the Anim32.Exe program from the Anim32 sub-folder or by a click on the corresponding icon.

Click with the mouse or press any key: the drawing area will appear.

To exchange the DRAWING AREA with the MAIN MENU, click with the right button of the mouse.

In the main menu: click with the left mouse button on ForeG or BackG to select the foreground color or that of the background.

Click with the left mouse button on the painter's palette to change a color.

Click with the left mouse button and, keeping it pressedmove the mouse on the painter's palette, to select a CLUSTER of colors.

Press simultaneously the left and right button of the mouse on the CLUSTER of colors and keeping they pressedmove the mouse, to change the position of the CLUSTER of colors in the painter palette.

Double click with the left button of the mouse on a color to copy it (GET), paste it (PUT) or edit it.

Click on the X button or press ALT + X to exit.

NOTE: For complete instructions see the manual "Anim32 (EN).PDF" in English  language.

ANIMEDI V.7.68+:

On this page you can find the latest version of AnimEdi (16 bit), for sale;

MCGA Win XP AnimEdi (Setup Program).Exe

AnimEdi is a 16 Bit application: it works on VGA graphics card and Windows operating system, from Windows 2000 to Windows XP; it requires at least 600 KB of free RAM and uses a hard disk swap-file of max 2 GB.

Remember that yours computer must have the seg. requirements:

  1.  OS: Windows XP.
  2.  HD: 2.5 GB RAM free.
  3.  Graphics: Any VGA card that supports MCGA graphics mode.
  4.  PC Monitor: Any.
  5.  CPU: Intel/AMD 80x86+ or PENTIUM (16 bit real mode compatible).
  6.  RAM: Any.

Or you can run it on a good XP emulator and more up-to-date computers.

Also you can download the free demo "Free Anim32 V.0.96 (Demo Archive).zip".

Zoom_Tst.EXE Copyright (c) 2020 Paolo Fassin:

This is a test for my function ZoomInImageRect() in Assembly programming language of my Delphi library named Dlp_LGrf, that Anim32 will use before next release.

Zoom_Tst.EXE load 2 picture: the first tile the screen, instead about the second picture:

  1. An internal rectangular region of second picture is automatically selected;  using arrow keys you can move this region in or out it.
  2. The rectangular region of second picture appears o the tiled screen;  moving the mouse pointer you can move this portion.
  3. Pressing the X key the rectangular region is flipped horizontally.
  4. Pressing the Y key the rectangular region is flipped vertically.
  5. Pressing the R key the rectangular region is clock-wise rotated of 90 degree.
  6. Pressing the SPACE key the rectangular region is zoomed-in of 1, 2, 4, 8 time.
  7. Pressing the S key the the rectangular region become a sprite.
  8. Pressing the M key the the rectangular region become a white mask.

MJSC_Tst.exe Copyright (c) 2020 Paolo Fassin:

In the archive file "Zoom_Tst (archive file).zip" there is also the test program for my Delphi  software language function named MultJollyStrComp () function, which is a small parser that encodes a filter (string) to include (+) and/or exclude (-)  one or more groups of files from a search:

<Group> = <Name> [. <Extension>]
<Filter> = [<Group>] [+ | - <Group>] [...]

here's how to include or exclude a group of files:

+ Includes a files <Group>
- Excludes a files <Group>

both <Name> and <extension> can include wildcard characters:

* Abbreviation
? Any text character

Let's go to pixel art!

Paolo Fassin (PCDear.ent.games)

Updated 2 days ago
Release date 2 days ago
AuthorPaolo Fassin (PCDear.ent.games)
Tags16-bit, 32-bit, bitmap, Colorful, Fantasy, graphic, movie, Pixel Art, Retro, video
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Italian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly


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In order to download this Anim32 you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Anim32 V.1.24 (Windows 10).exe 15 MB
Anim32 V.1.24 (Windows 10).zip 24 MB
MCGA Win XP AnimEdi (Setup Program).exe 3 MB

Download demo

Free Anim32 V.0.96 (Demo Setup).exe 2 MB
Free Anim32 V.0.96 (Demo Archive).zip 1 MB
Free Anim32 V.0.93 (Demo Setup).exe 2 MB
Free Anim32 V.0.93 (Demo Archive).zip 1 MB
Free Anim32 V.0.82 (Demo Setup).exe 2 MB
Free Anim32 V.0.82 (Demo Archive).zip 964 kB
Free Anim32 V.0.80 (Demo Setup).exe 2 MB
Free Anim32 V.0.80 (Demo Archive).zip 966 kB
Free Anim32 V.0.64 (Demo Setup).exe 2 MB
Free Anim32 V.0.64 (Demo Archive).zip 955 kB
Free Anim32 V.0.38 (Demo Setup).exe 509 kB
Zoom_Tst (archive file).zip 417 kB

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