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In the past some demo files were available for free, but, not reflecting the full game, they have been removed; now a new playable demo in low resolution has been created (the high resolution is available, together with the options menu only in the paid version), with the first level of this video game and a short unreleased final level, and it is freely available and downloadable here in 2 formats: installation executable file and ZIP archive:

BounceB & new adventures Revenge

This is a revisiting of the famous ball bouncing game, but design involves complex puzzle solutions such as buying a ticket to pick up a train, activating a cable car, or repairing an elevator.

A virtual camera will resume the protagonist, the game can be played back, after real time play recording, and you can save your progress at any time to resume the game at a later time. Suitable for children of at least 7 years old, teenagers or fans of this genre, it has beautiful graphics with 2 different graphic resolutions (320x200 and 640x400), good music, interesting sounds' effects and has been successfully tested on more than ten computers with Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 (also works on Windows XP). It has good game-play, can be controlled even with the mouse or even with thekeyboard; it allows you to upgrade a scoreboard with the names pf best 7 players, it has movies for overcoming level, game-over and end-of-play, supported levels expansion up to a maximum of 100.

Paolo Fassin (


BB32 (setup program).exe 48 MB
Aug 23, 2022
BB32 (archive).zip 48 MB
Aug 23, 2022
BB32 (demo).exe
Aug 23, 2022
BB32 (demo).zip 19 MB
Aug 23, 2022

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