2 new game play levels of BounceB & new adv. R.

BounceB & new adventures Revenge

New features have been added to the graphics and physics engine of the game, including new types of enemies, such as "bosses" and zombies that move on the floor, up and down slopes (main diagonal or secondary diagonal) or on small mountains (rotary movement).
Flying animals or objects are also supported.
Passes have been created, called "slippery climbs", in which BouncB slides downstream (the only way to overcome them is to make a long jump).
Now there are monsters that are animated and no longer static.
2 new levels have been created in this version, but many more may be created in the future.

BounceB & new adventures Revenge

Paolo Fassin (PCDear.ent.games)


BB32 (setup program).exe 48 MB
Aug 23, 2022
BB32 (archive).zip 48 MB
Aug 23, 2022
BB32 (demo).exe
Aug 23, 2022
BB32 (demo).zip 19 MB
Aug 23, 2022

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