Mono3 BitMap Filter


Mono3 BitMap Filter

What I propose is just one of these filters, widely programmable and also available on Adobe Photoshop; unlike it, working with discrete values my filter has an even higher precision and detail.

But which filter am I talking about? A filter, which among other things could be used to create frame with mask for screen printing: from an uncompressed BMP Windows image, but in any sub-format, it obtains a monochromatic image made of small holes arranged in a matrix and of variable dimensions, proportional to the intensity of the color.

How can such an image be visible? It is an optical illusion that the brain pleasantly decodes into an image with particularly sharp nuances.

It has 3 decoding algorithms, one of which is programmable with AnimEdi.

Programming of dithering and soften.

Programming of the minimum black level and quantity of variations for the shades.

Process a whole group of files or a single file.

Programming the type and maximum size of each "hole".

it is fairly fast.

Here you can download the free demo or buy the complete package of Delphi and Assember sources; that is, you can buy an open-source and modify the code for personal use or understand how this new algorithm works. In addition, you could unravel some "mysteries" of the BMP Windows format that are not trivial at all, by studying an included library of my own invention to examine them and save them directly on the hard disk.

Borland Delphi 5.0 is required for compilation, but the sources (programming) are texts that you can open with any editor or word processor.

Mono3 BitMap Filter

Paolo Fassin (


Win10 Mono3 (full setup program).exe 10 MB
Apr 26, 2023
WinXP Mono3 (full setup program).exe 9 MB
Mar 18, 2023
Win10 Mono3 (free demo).exe 4 MB
Apr 26, 2023
WinXP Mono3 (free demo).exe 2 MB
Mar 18, 2023

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