New version of the "my 5 games" package

New version of the "my 5 games" package


  • CD or DVD datas' package recording option.
  • LightScribe label file included.
  • Runtime mode for play on any semi random access memory supports.
  • Custom setup for each game included (run in a pc without CD, DVD, USB KEY nor others SRAM support linked in your PC).
  • Italian and English language manual for each game included both in runtime SRAM support and in setup.
  • More than three episodes for each videogame.
  • Unpublished sound effects.
  • Legals inclusion of  part of instrumental musics of important authors of around 30 seconds.
  • More than two graphics resolution.
  • Customization of game experience with configuration menu.
  • Best seven players scores table.
  • Saving and loading of game play session.
  • Runtime recording and autoplay of the last recorded game.

Connect to the game download page, first of all to get more information about my video game, to download the demo (with some limitations) or the full version, both without neither "pay to win" nor "game with advertising inside" options, through the link highlighted below.

All my 5 videogames (Five Games) link to web page of game download

Paolo Fassin (


My 5 VGames Panel CTRL (full version).zip 561 MB
Mar 14, 2023
CD Maggio (free demo).zip 141 MB
Mar 14, 2023

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