BounceB-Revenge patch avalaible!

Application debugged and English language manual:

1) New authors' musics.

2) In VGA 640x400 the game-menù had a graphic BUG: the menù was represented with an imperfection of the right border.

3) On VGA 640x400 resolution game play not reset the mouse pointer position on exit, so the mouse pointer is invisible before you move it.

4) In first unpublished release the game used system memory allocation routines that have a BUG: the free memory block pointer was correctly returned, but not really allocated, so the block could be overwritten by another process causing program crash.

5) The language that BounceB supported was a mix of English and Italian, both in play and in the manual: now English language is fully supported.

6) Fixed a BUG that could not be played back with this video game.


BB32_P02 (demo and new patch).exe 46 MB
62 days ago

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