Bacci and the Ducklings V.2.1

New features:

Here is the latest version of my high resolution videogame of "Bacci and the Ducklings":

More information and possibility to download "Bacci and the Ducklings" ( official webpage)

The main innovations are:

  1. Support for special characters.
  2. Using new keyboard shortcuts.
  3. Updating all libraries used in this program.
  4. Fixed some bugs.

Paolo Fassin (


Bacci32 (setup program).exe 147 MB
Apr 24, 2023
Bacci32 (archive).zip 159 MB
Apr 24, 2023
Bacci32 (free demo).zip 24 MB
Apr 24, 2023

Get Ultimate version "Bacci and the ducklings" (32 Bit) v.2.1:

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