Just created a new LEVEL EDITOR for Bacci & D.


New "Commodore 64" style musics!

Now is possible to create up to 99 new game levels thanks to the tool BACCI32.EXE, that now supports GIF, JPEG and BMP Windows formats!

Is also possible to change any existing level, loading new background, new bird/enemy animation and new sounds; BACCI32.EXE can also be used to change “Bacci and the ducklings” video-game settings.

If you have just downloaded “Bacci and the ducklings” video-game you can upgrade it installing new patch BC32_P03.Exe; but if you do not know whether or not to buy this video game, you can try this demo: it's free!

This file run under Windows platform for PC; requires CPU fast at least 667 MHZ, 128 MB RAM free, any video card.

BC32_P03.Exe: download it, run it and follow the instruction are shown.


BC32_P03.exe (new patch and free demo setup p.) 145 MB
Dec 09, 2017

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